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What is a Green Garage Door?

What is a Green Garage Door?
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Green things are very popular these days. These are things that are made without much damage to the environment. As for electronic appliances, green devices are energy efficient. With the awareness of the importance of social responsibility, things are done differently, with much thought on the environmental impact. This includes garage door, for you can now find green garage doors. These doors can help you save energy and cut electricity costs, but more importantly, it helps you conserve energy. Here are things that make a garage door environment friendly.

Insulation and Sealing

What is a Green Garage Door?Insulated overhead door is being done especially for attached garages. During cold season, your garage can bring in significant cold air, if it is insulated, heat is kept indoors. Doors vary in level of insulation, and it helps to consult garage door repair Nutley experts to know what is best for your need. You can have it built even before the electric garage door installation. Insulation may also mean sealing cracks and installing weather stripping.

Recyclable and Renewable Materials

A green garage door may also mean a door that is made from eco-friendly materials. Examples are wood doors since wood is a renewable product. Wood composite doors are a good example since they are made from both recycled and renewable sources. You can find companies that manufacture such products. Some make an effort to produce doors from recycling. The paint used on the doors also contributes to its earth friendliness. There are eco-friendly paints available in the market and these are used for green doors.

The doors are not only the ones that contribute to an energy efficient garage. To do this fully, the garage should also use LED bulbs that are energy efficient. It is also important that the garage door opener is working fine so that the door does not take longer to close since energy is wasted and more heat comes out of the home. Garage door opener maintenance could solve this problem.

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